Who is ruling our space and time?

Woke up, checked my phone (Google), checked my Facebook (Facebook), Whatsapp (Facebook) and Instagram (Facebook). Went to a customer site (Google maps) with a CareShare service and listened to Spotify. Worked with some business software (Microsoft Azure), checked my email (Microsoft Office365), put some code on Github (Microsoft) and checked my LinkedIn (Microsoft). Took an Uber to go home. Ordered something at Takeaway.com. Checked my mail (Google Gmail), searched something (Google Search). Shopped on Zalando and Amazon. Watched something on Netflix, went to sleep.


What does the power of platforms means for us? The people who are living in the space and time of these platforms?

Could you imagine one platform for all newspapers where all users (newspapers and readers) need to agree on the terms of the platform to publish or read articles?

A place for platforms



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