What a difference a decade make

10 years ago we defined technology, now the technology defines us.

1. Cloud

10 years ago I drove under the clouds, now I work in the cloud.

2. Containers

In the morning: 10 years ago I put my container for garbage collecting, now I use containers for software.

3. Messaging

10 years ago we say what’s up, now we say WhatsApp.

4. Streaming

10 years ago we were watching linear, now we are binge-watching.

5. Bikes

10 years ago nobody drove faster on a bike than I do, now grandmas are passing me on e-bikes.

6. Flying

10 years ago you would be up there in the cloud, now I worry about my footprint.

7. Smartphones

10 years ago I didn’t have a smartphone, now I can’t imagine life without it (for good and worse).

8. Social media

10 years ago we thought 1984 was a book, now we are living inside this book.

9. Babysitting

10 years ago we had babysitters, now we have iPads.

10. Smart

10 years ago I was smart, now my devices are.

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