The 11 players of the ideal tech team

Becoming a member of the IT team?

In football we all know the players strengths and we admire them for their skills. Working in IT, I especially admire people who made great tech accomplishments. You can easily make a list like “the best engineers in the world” or something similar. But lists are boring and doesn’t reflect their true class.

What if we could join the greatest players in a world tech team?

Everyone in this team will be unique an make a different impact on the world. I think it’s important to explain why they became so influental. Of course, they are very intelligent and hardworking (but so do you). What set them apart?

So, what set them apart?

In the field everyone has a certain role. For this line up I first wanted to divide them in tech leaders and engineers. But at the end its impossible to categorize them that way. They are mostly both engineer and leader. They have a vision, but also want to implement this vision.

They are visionaries, leaders, researchers and engineers at the same time.

And they made multiple accomplishments with lasting impact on society.

Bill Gates for example, is best known as CEO of Microsoft, but he is a far better engineer than most programmers. On the other hand Linus Torvalds is better known as engineer and creator of Linux, but without making thoughtful decisions and shown leadership, Linux is not what it is today.

  • Why is x such a versatile person?
  • Why is x an excellent engineer?
  • Why is x a visionary leader?

The players

Alan Turing

Ken Thompson

Bill Gates

Linus Torvalds

Anders Heijlsberg

Tim Berners-Lee

John Carmack

Larry Page

James Strachan

Elon Musk

Demis Hassabis

The Team

With the group of remarkable people in tech we can finally create the setup for our team. Maybe not all know the roles in tech, but we translate it to soccer.


So there we have it, our team is complete. We learned a lot about their skilss and their contributions to tech. The team remains just a fiction as all the great soccer player in our team. Dream on!



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