Olympic Triathlon for working people

It wasn’t that bad

Running for one minute

After completing my studies I decided to do something about it. It was of course impossible to go from zero to triathlon. This takes a lot of time and effort, especially for someone who is not athletically build and has a lot of other things he wants to achieve in work and life. The first thing I did (trying doesn’t work in these cases) was not to make every evening a food celebration and to start cycling again. Not very serious sports yet, but after some time I weighed around 85 and I felt better.

It was

First competition

With some help of my employer I got a better chair, a standing desk and professional help with my posture. My back improved. It was time to set some goals! I started to run some 5 km running competitions. To avoid injuries I trained very light and with interval. Only once a week I pushed myself to the max. I don’t know what my exact time was, but my first run went pretty well.

Of(f) course

The only thing I still needed to do is to combine all the sports. However, it was starting to get cold outside. Fortunately I was lucky there was an offer by the local gym to sport whole winter for just 50 euros. This was practical as I could swim, then ride a bike to the gym and use the treadmill there. In the gym I could also use the bike and treadmill after each other. It was all set. I’ve signed up to do the Olympic triathlon!


One month before the competition I started to train six times a week with a lot of mixed training. It’s amazing how well a body can adapt to that. With each increased training intensity the body feels tired, but quickly it’s the new normal. One week before the Olympic triathlon I did a sprint triathlon as final rehearsal. That turned out to be a good thing, as I was cycling with my swim glasses on and at the end was disqualified, because I only did 6, instead of official 7 laps. What I learned was that I need to calm down a little.

Own pace

We all have our own goals and our own pace. It was a long way. For me the most important thing was that I found a way to have fun (mostly) to exercise and eat healthy. I improved my overall health and could combine it with work and family life. Though I had to say that my wife thought that six times training a week was just something too much of a good thing :)



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