My time with a naughty girl

During the pandemic a lot of people stayed at home and purchased a pet. Well, sometimes you just need to go with the flow... Of course, I gave it some good thoughts what will happen after Covid-19, but as there is mostly someone at home anyway, I gave it a green light.

Embroidery of our cat made by my wife

We eventually choose for a British Shorthair, because they are easy to maintain and very social. An owner of a pet shop warned us that they are slow and don’t have a lot of character. Strange advice?

From my own experience (we always had one or two cats at home) it’s impossible for cats not to have any character. And this counted for our kitten as well. We didn’t buy her at that pet shop of course, but at a farm with a lot of experience in breeding of this particular breed.

Here is the story from the first time I saw her, until she became a naughty girl.

Month 1

It was really hard not to melt your heart and not to bring her home. Because we couldn’t, we choose her and named her Luna!

Luna a few weeks old, in Lion King pose

The picture should be on this Subreddit:

Month 3

Always having cats at home, it was easy to get accustomed. The one thing I forgot though was having a young kid… Our kids (7 and 10) don’t keep us up at night anymore. This one does by jumping on the bed. Wanna play?

Yes, it is exactly what it looks like. A very naught girl.

Month 4

Asking for attention when working…

Let’s sleep when not getting it…

Month 5

Quite enviable is that Luna accepts everything from the kids. Carried around. No problem. Kids shouting. No problem. Always following them whatever they do. Only at night when everything is quiet, she wants to sit on my lap.

My Son with Luna
Don’t mess with me, I am a tiger

Month 6

All grown up now. She can now even meow (this took a while). Tomorrow she will be sterilized. It’s good that she is not knowing what is going to happen. After that she can go outside and discover the world on her own.

Photo: Björn Nelissen



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