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Raymond Meester
4 min readJun 28, 2020


Part 1: Perspectives on the world

Sometimes you have an interest that no one around you finds remotely interesting. One of those interests of mine is maps.

Maps give such a unique perspective on things that plain text can’t communicate. There are of course the ordinary atlases which contains topography, landscapes and sometimes maps based on statistical data. One of my favorites is “Atlas of globalization” by Le Monde”.

Some of my atlases

There are however other topics that you hardly find in any atlas. Some of which still give one surprising insights. Luckily on Reddit there is a community that publish such maps on the channel “MapPorn”. Currently, it has more than a million followers:

A lot of interesting maps on mapporn I collected and I categorized them by theme.

The main themes are:

Part 1: Perspectives on the world

Part 2: Population density

Part 3: Hmm…, interesting

Part 4: Europe


Part 1: Perspectives on the world

This is how we normally see the world (first hit on Google):

A view on the world from Antarctic perspective:

A useful map for whales:

A view of the world with no oceans:

How earth will look with the current international borders in 250 million years. Everything merges to one continent:

A topologist’s view:

The world in timezones:

The world largest cities by rectangle:

The 100 hundred largest islands of the world:

International borders by date:

World’s CO2 emissions:

Hot & cold temperatures:

Greenland without ice:

Antarctic without ice:

Size comparisons

Comparisons between different countries, areas and even extraterrestrial bodies.

Australia vs US:

Australia vs Europe:

How long is Chili?

When the Mediterranean Sea lay in the US:

When Pluto was hanging around in Brazil:

When the largest mountain of Mars was on top of France:

How big Portugal was:

In Texas, they can walk around Poland:

The country Vatican:

Next part:




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