If there were only 2 tech giants

2020: The beginning of the end

The A companies

The FOMI Group

The year 2028

  • Wealth: Have more revenue than GDP of small countries.
  • Market dominance: They disrupt and replace markets.
  • Trade: Act as broker for supply and demand.
  • Finance: Act like banks, guide money transfer and payments. Analyze our purchasing behavior.
  • Global: Operate worldwide, across borders.
  • Dependency: Make us dependent on their products.
  • Privacy: Store, Collect and Analyze our private data.
  • Information: Give access to what we seek (search algorithms).
  • Truth: Decide what is true and what published by their policy.
  • Justice: Have legal departments to have it their way.
  • Knowledge: Know our behavior by data analysis and AI techniques, better than we do ourselves.
  • Politics: Lobby and finance for parties and regulation.
  • Science & technology: Make or break new fields of research and inventions.

Fanboys turn into soldiers

2036: Company portfolios

The end




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Blogs on tech & society.

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