How could we make bicycle highways work?

20–30 km

1) E-Mopeds/E-scooters

2) Speed-pedelecs

3) Velomobile/Pods

o Infrastructure

o Laws

o Speed

The first electric battery velomobiles was the Sinclair C5 introduced in 1985. Though there was initially hype about the velomobile at the end it flopped, because of poor reviews and limited range (around 30 km).

Like VR in the early nighties got into oblivion, but remain alive by enthusiast, the same counts for velomobiles. They got regular updates, but no company brought big advancements. Today there are many advancements in light constructions and battery that new innovations are coming. First thing is that Grant Sinclair (Young nephew of Clive Sinclair of the original velomobile) invented the Iris eTrike that will come next quarter to the market for 4200 pounds. Compared to the original it has one extra wheel for stability, it has 50 miles ranges with changeable batteries.

Already some years on the market is the Elf (around 9000 dollar) with comes with more space (they even have two seaters). They also have a 100 watt solar panel on the roof. It has a range between 35–70 kilometer per charge. A similar velomobile in Europe (also around 9000 and similar range), but than with more stabile four-wheels is the Pedilio . Velometro from Canada says it offers a 100 km range, but this is still in pilot phase. The Velometro is not for sale, but will have only sharing options.

Those options are still quit expensive, but a Norwegian startup plans to slash the 9000 price in half and offer a 60 km range for around 5000 euro. Dissappointing is that it offers as a speed pedelec, but only up to 25 km/h.

So the pods are not there yet, but when the price is right (5000 euro or less), the speed is enough (above 50 km/h) and the range is at least 120 km (2/3 days commuting) there may be a new revival.

Beyond 30 km

Beyond Beyond



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