From the Big Bang till the Big Bang Theory

  • 13.8 Billion: Big bang
  • 13.6 Billion: Milky Way formed
  • 4,5 Billion: Sun/Earth
  • 3.8 Billion: Life develops
  • 1 Billion: Bacteria
  • 500 million: Fish
  • 360 million: First animal on land
  • 200 million: Mammals
  • 2.5 million: Appearance of Homo.
  • 200,000: Modern humans.
  • 12.000: Agricultural revolution
  • 5000: Writing
  • 750: Universities emerge
  • 333: Newton’s Philosophiae Naturali
  • 115: Einsteins Special Relativity
  • 88: Lemaître formalized Big Bang Theory
  • 30: Satellite data, such as COBE, the Hubble Space Telescope and WMAP support the theory.
  • 1: Last episode of Big Bang Theory television series
  • 0: You read this
Milikan, Lemaître and Einstein




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ski n

Blogs on tech & society.

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