Covid-19: First month vs 10 months later

First month

Raymond Meester
3 min readOct 26, 2020


31–12–2019 Pneumonia cases of unknown cause were reported in Wuhan, China.

11–01-2020 China reports the first Covid-19 related death

12–01–2020: China publicly shared the genetic sequence of COVID-19.

13–01–2020: The first recorded COVID-19 cases outside of China in Thailand.

20–01–2020: 282 confirmed cases of Covid-2019 have been reported from four countries including China (278 cases), Thailand (2 cases), Japan (1 case) and the Republic of Korea (1 case).

23–01–2020: Chinese authorities cut of the Wuhan.

30–01–2020: The W.H.O. declared a global health emergency.

10 Months later (As of 24 October)

The pandemic hits at least 177 countries

There are more than 42 million total confirmed cases worldwide.

Screenshot as of 24–10–2020 of

China has 0.2 % of the total confirmed cases.

USA has the highest number for a single country: 8,752,121 total confirmed cases.

USA, India en Brazil cover more than half of the worldwide cases:

The three countries have together 24% of the world population. 1891 million out of 7820 million people. (Note world population grew with 66 million people this year until October).

Most European countries report new records of confirmed cases in October. France passes 1 million cases. Slovakia and the Czech Republic are deploying their armies.

There are more than 1.1 million total confirmed deaths.

Peru has the most deaths per capita: 1062 people per million.

Slovakia has as of 24 October the shortest time to take for the number of total confirmed deaths to double: 9 days

Mexico has the highest observed case-fatality ratio: 10%

There now 198 vaccine trials where 5 of them have limited approval.


We use working from home, use social distancing and other means like apps to slow down the virus from spreading. In 2020, we are relatively good on our way to be able to track the spread of disease, unfortunately beside some countries like China and New Zealand, we weren’t able to stop the spread worldwide.

The progress of the vaccine development is hopeful. Still people are also desperate how long it will take and most countries have protest responses. Developments in the next 10 months will be critical.




Raymond Meester