Could Tesla be as big as Volkswagen and Toyota in the next decade?

109 Vehicles

In the documentary “who killed the electric car” from 2006 it was already stated that news on hydrogen technology was also mostly words, but that these words were really used to stay on the status quo. After all those years, hydrogen cars are still embarrassingly far away from mass adoption. OK, Toyota has a hydrogen car available, but the sales and infrastructure just haven’t taken off yet.

Chicken AND eggs

In the beginning there was a clear vision of Elon Musk. This vision focused on electric cars only. Start with sport cars in the high end market and go from there to other segments like luxury sedans heading to mass production of regular cars.

Not all gold

Most market cap value is based on future expectations. Will Tesla uphold on this promise? Will they become as big as Apple or will they banish like Nokia to the backseat or even bankruptcy? Of course Tesla already flirted multiple times with bankruptcy. It’s surely not all gold that shines for Tesla.


Stability & Social welfare

The car

Range & Charging


Thoug explictitly not silicon valley based, Tesla operates just as much as a tech company then a car maker. Not smartphone, but smartcars.


Government subsidies

Final thoughts

So a new product can add a positive feature on one side, but this isn’t as powerful when there are downsides on the other side.



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