Copilot is released: A few thoughts

AI Pair programming

On the official website of GitHub, Copilot is introduced as

“Your AI pair programmer”

I was a beta-tester for a few months, and I think this gives a somewhat wrong impression. With the word AI, people generally think of highly intelligent thoughts. With pair programming we think of working together on a problem, share thoughts and come to solutions.

Copilot is not magic, it’s just a tool.

Still, I had some wow-moments. Especially when I was adding log statements, Copilot suggested the log statement I was thinking of. This saved me a bit of typing. Coplit didn’t however save me one search on Stack Overflow as one might think.

A small example

I found Copilot useful, just as I find intelligent refactoring, search and replace, code completion and other IDE functions useful. But its capabilities are not beyond that.


Often programming isn’t about most cases, but about a specific case. It’s like you find an answer on Stack Overflow, but you still need to adapt the answer to your own code.



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