Attention to the causes and effects of Covid-19

The spotlight

  • Handling the crisis
  • Hospitals and intensive cares
  • Prevention: Social distancing, washing hands and face masks
  • Testing and test capacity
  • Vaccines and treatments
  • Economic consequences
  • Famous people and leaders who suffered from Covid-19

A new attitude

A makeable world

10 different kinds of questions

  1. Why does it take so many years to develop a vaccine (up to 15 years) and what can be done to accelerate this process in the future?
  2. Why was it hard to scale physical resources? Will there be plans to scale medical resources? Will there be intensive care units available in the future to deploy in outbreak regions. Will there be crash courses to train health care personnel (and those who want to shift) for a specific health care crisis?
  3. Why haven’t there been a similar reaction to influenza in the past? Influenza causes also a lot of deaths, but we almost didn’t take any measures. Why do we still accept this, just like traffic accidents, air pollution (estimated for 7 million deaths a year)? Why don’t we fight these things the same way we do with Covid-19?
  4. A lot of governments are steering the economy. For example subsidies for electric cars to help the shift from natural resources to sustainable ones. How can we make things like fighting virus more profitable? So that startups focus on such things instead of making another app or platform?
  5. Why did every country respond on its own and there was no cooperation possible?
  6. Why are there no rules on capturing data? Every country has its own way to record cases and fatalities, so that it’s harder to compare measures between countries.
  7. How does our modern way of living (overpopulation, overweight, traveling) had effect on the spread?
  8. What are we really doing with overweight and diabetes which were a huge risk factor?
  9. What is done to fight the root causes? The hypothesis is that this is because animal markets and bad hygiene standards? Shouldn’t this be a primary focus?
  10. How far do we go to make a makeable society? What do we sacrifice and what do we accept?

The root-cause





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Blogs on tech & society.

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