Assimbly in the cloud

Support for all Camel components


Microservices: Running on Kubernetes

Functionality vs Performance

Compile time and runtime

Modular functionality

  • 25 of Core Components (in 22 jar artifacts)
  • 316 of Non-Core Components (In 246 JAR artifacts)
A small footprint

New Features

Support all Camel components

  1. We never know beforehand which components will be used? What use cases Assimbly will be used for (and we don’t want to know).
  2. We need to add the dependency manually and make a new release.
  3. Every added dependency will make the download of Assimbly larger. For example adding the AWS components lead to more than 100 MB size of the Assimbly jar file.
  1. Search for the Maven dependency in the Camel Catalog.
  2. Resolve the dependencies programmatically by the Java dependencies manager Jeka.
  3. Load the jar dependencies dynamically in runtime.


  • Assimbly Connector contains all the “Integration logic” which consists of an API (Connector and Broker), Config, Camel implementation, ActiveMQ implementations for Classic and Artemis.
  • Assimbly Gateway makes use of the Assimbly connector and Jhipster libraries.
  • Config API
  • Connector API
  • Broker API
  • Main module
  • Connector implementation modules
  • Broker implementation modules

Microservices: running on Kubernetes

Supporting both architectures

  • Assimbly Gateway can act as a standalone application which contains an embedded database and the Assimbly connector. When it detects a Kubernetes cluster it will act as a front-end only.
  • Assimbly ConnectorService is microservice that runs one flow (A configured Camel Route). It can run as one or multiple instances.




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