AskReddit top 100: A curious Q & A

Q & A

  1. Time is very short, and as you get older it speeds up more and more.
  2. Time is more important than money. In theory, you could end up a billionaire. But nobody is ever a “time billionaire.” Rich or poor, you’re gonna get maybe 100 years at the absolute max, and probably not that much.
  3. There will be several versions of You as you walk your path, but one version that kind of colors all the other versions. This version you could call “the real you.” It pays to spend time figuring out who that real you is.
  4. You will have to deal with people. Learn how to leave them happy to have been in your presence, and you will not lack for friends and loved ones.
  5. Speaking of loved ones: just because someone is a blood relative, it doesn’t mean they’re worth a shit. If your parent, sibling, or child is a complete asshole unworthy of your attention, don’t waste further time on them.
  6. Find something you love to do, and do that. Do it every day. It doesn’t matter if you make money at it, or get recognition because of it. Do it like Henry Darger did his writing and drawing, and like Vivian Maier did her photography. Do good work. It is its own reward.
  7. I am a geezer, 64 years old. It does not have to suck being old. (I think it’s fucking great, for many reasons.)




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ski n

Blogs on tech & society.

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