Architecture of Assimbly

This blog series is a deep dive on the architectural principles behind the Assimbly software project. It reflects both the current situation, while at the same time it’s a vision for the future of the project. As technological visions can sometimes be very abstract I will try to use a lot of analogies like factories, temples and IKEA…

The word Assimbly represents two things:

  1. A Self-Service Integration Module (ASSIM).
  2. To assemble.

The first part is about modules that can be used by end users. The second part is about that multiple modules assembled together form an integration solution.

Assimbly arose from practice. As integration specialist, I worked with various technologies and integration platforms. These are mostly relative low-level technologies. The project is a quest to build interfaces (Java, REST and UI) on top of these integration technologies, like Apache Camel. These interfaces are distributed as modules.

All Assimbly modules are open source and try to be interoperable with each other and other integration software (of whatever technology or vendor). To accomplish this it follows a modular architectural approach.

In this first part we will see what this architecture entails. The second part discusses why we need it. In the third part we will look into more details into the various parts and the last part addresses some use cases.




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Blogs on tech & society.

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