10 technologies boosted in 2020 by Covid-19

The list

10 technologies are included that all got a major boost in 2020. I left out streaming companies like Netflix and online platforms like Amazon. They also grew, but are part of a much longer trend.

1. Video conferencing

A year ago I never heard of Zoom. Just like I never heard of Covid-19. Actually I was still mostly using Skype at the time. Now I use Zoom, Teams and Slack like a pro. And this counts for most of us.

2. Health Dashboards

Data-driven in health-care was often more a matter of talking than real solutions. Now we saw a lot of Covid-19 dashboards like the one from the Johns Hopkins University. We will see such dashboards probably more on regional levels in the coming years.

3. Digital signing

4. Contactless payment

Apple Pay was first used by Apple fanboys and early adaptors. Now my father (71) also uses Apple Pay. This and other contactless payment methods have become very common.

5. Virtual Reality

6. Online supermarkets

Supermarkets have been offering online groceries for years. However, they were hesitant to scale up. Was this really a growth market? Maybe 10% of our revenue would be possible, so the supermarkets thought.

7. E-learning

Suddenly a lot of children needed homeschooling. Digital means were of great help. In practice, they were often not yet up to the task, but probably we will see a lot of investments in the coming years.

8. Biotech: mRNA vaccines

The great hope for 2020 was a Covid-19 vaccine. Most vaccines take years to develop. Biotech companies like BioNTech and Moderna created vaccines that were approved before the end of the year. They used a technique that let the human body create similar, but harmless proteins as people infected by Corona. Now our immune system is trained when we meet Covid-19 in person.

9. Home fitness

A lot of fitness and sport clubs had to close during the lockdown. Not to go insane, people start walking and cycling. But as the days were getting colder, home fitness became the only option for a lot of people.

10. Ventilation



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