10 Gems on YouTube

Amanda Cole

American singer. Performed as a part of En Vogue and with several other artists. Is well known for her Whitney Houston performances.

Gabriella Quevedo

Swedish guitarist with Argentinian roots. Known for her unique guitar arrangements and heart-warming smile.

The light parade

American singing duo. Alex and Kara find the right balance between emotions and harmony.

Esmee Denters

Dutch singer. Already on YouTube since 2006. Her first album was on the label of Justin Timberlake. Thereafter she moved to London and worked on original songs.

Allie Sherlock

Irish singer and guitarist. Well-known for her street performances in Dublin.

Daehan Choi

Korean saxophonist. Amazes listeners with smooth, but emotional playing style.

Jacob Collier

English musician. Fusing various genres creating totally new harmonies. You have to hear it, to believe it.

Glennis Grace

Dutch singer. Often sings and is compared with Whitney Houston. But has an individual sound which can be strong or gentle. Famous in the Netherlands and increasingly beyond.

Teddy Swims

American singer. Part of the band Wildheart, but on YouTube especially known for his soulful covers.


Singing girl group of 3 sisters. All with unique voices, but when blended get to a new level of harmony.



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